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When you’re looking for orthodontic treatments that offer brilliant, effective teeth straightening, choosing the right option for you isn’t just about which can get you straighter teeth.

Different types of braces offer a range of features and benefits, so you’ll want a treatment that suits your individual needs and your lifestyle.

The team at your local Portman Clear Brace Group practice will develop a bespoke treatment plan personalised to your needs. But before you start your journey to a straighter smile, we’ve jargon-busted some of the key features and benefits of the different teeth straightening options available:


TreatmentWhy choose this treatment?Considerations
Fixed braces
■A great price, also available on NHS for under 18s

■Coloured bands available to match your style

■High precision and versatility
■Visible and not removable

■Some foods can’t be eaten during treatment
Lingual braces
■Virtually undetectable as they hide behind your teeth

■ Available in gold for added comfort and luxury

■ Can treat complicated cases
■Generally more expensive than other treatments

■ Can be less comfortable
Clear ceramic braces
■Ceramic material is more discreet than metal

■ All the precision and versatility of fixed braces

■ They’re fixed in place so you won’t forget to wear them
■ Not removable

■ Can stain with certain foods
Invisalign clear aligners
■Near invisible, discreet and removable

■ A more comfortable option

■ Oral hygiene is easier to maintain
■Treatment could take longer in some cases

■ May not be suitable if complex movement
is required


To discuss your teeth straightening treatment options and find the right one for you, find your local Portman Clear Brace Group practice.

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