How Children’s Orthodontics works at Portman Clear Brace Group


Whether you or your child qualify for NHS treatment but don’t want to wait for treatment, or don’t qualify, our range of treatments can provide the perfect solution. Choose from our range of solutions including fixed metal braces, Invisalign teen and clear aligners. Treatments differ from practice to practice, find the orthodontic solutions offered at your local practice here.

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to make the best of our teeth. This includes ensuring that we have a correct bite, can eat more comfortably, and to care for teeth and gums more easily. The ideal age to have orthodontic treatment is around 12 or 13, while still growing.


The treatments we offer


There are many different types of braces. Some are removable, which  can be taken out at night, to eat a meal, or simply to clean. Some are fixed, meaning that they stay in all the time. Portman Clear Brace Group provide traditional fixed metal braces and also provide a range of near invisible orthodontic treatments including clear aligners and Invisalign. Alternatively, we can also fit ceramic fixed braces, which have all the benefits of a fixed brace, but are less visible. With clear aligners, no-one will know you are wearing braces.,  *Treatments availability differs by practice.


Why Portman Clear Brace Group


The Portman Clear Brace Group was established to offer patients like you access to a range of teeth straightening treatment. From Invisalign clear aligners to fixed braces, our treatments are provided by skilled and trusted professionals within an award-winning brand. Our personal touches and tailored treatments mean that we only ever recommend the right plan for your personal requirements. Your treatment plan will be delivered by highly experienced clinicians, with your care and the best long-term results at the heart of everything they do. With 50 practices located across the UK and Northern Ireland, discover your local practice and start your journey to a new smile.

Following a few key pointers, you can keep a fresh, happy smile for longer.
Maintaining a strong oral health routine is key to a happy smile.

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